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Go beyond statistics. Treat customers as individuals.
customer code is a business consultancy focusing on consumer psychology.

We enable our clients to understand what makes their customers tick, what they feel. By rooting strategy on these insights, we help our clients to build powerful brands and motivate their customers to take action.

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Successful brands are not just products with a well-defined USP. They give us meaning and create a social relationship with their customer.

At customer code, we go beyond common brand model definitions. We help our clients define a brand DNA and develop strategies that make customers fall in love with the brand.

Our services

  • Brand Strategy & Digital Brand Commerce

  • Brand Driver & Positioning Research

  • Emotional Profile & Brand DNA Detection

  • Naming, Tagline Check & Development

  • Brand Signals & Brand Experience Audit

  • Brand Tracking


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The research evidence is clear: emotional advertising beats rational advertising. 
But only few marketing activities really succeed in touching the audience on an emotional level.

At customer code, we help to reach out to the emotional brain of customers. We believe in the power of visual content and value-based messaging; both are fundamental components of our work. We develop audience-focused communication strategies and optimize creative concepts according to customers’ responses.

Our services

  • Communication Strategy Development

  • Trust Building & Value Communication

  • Communication Concept Testing & Optimization

  • Campaign Tracking

  • Creative Springboards & Ideation


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The challenge for innovators is to stay focused and think out of the box at the same time. 
Sophisticated strategic planning needs to meet creativity. 

At customer code, we combine both approaches to detect untapped opportunities. 
We go beyond scanning the latest trend reports. We conduct complex strategy research and investigate hidden user needs – predominately in the area of Digital Commerce. By partnering with Design-Universities, we continuously involve young creatives, providing fresh insights on what is hot today and what will be hot tomorrow.

Our services

  • Digital Consumer Trends

  • Business Growth Strategy

  • Strategic E-Commerce Research

  • Inspirational E-Commerce Planning

  • Consumer Need Exploration

  • Morphological Grid


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Our Clients

Our clients include companies across many markets and industries. From incumbent market leaders to new born start-ups.